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Greece to “Rescue” Stonehenge

Greece is behind a rescue mission to save Stonehenge after plans were announced last week for a highway tunnel to be built near the ancient site!

The Greek plan involves dismantling Stonehenge and shipping it to Athens for “safekeeping”. In Athens it will be displayed at the Acropolis Museum next to the remaining Parthenon Sculptures with Attica’s sun shining upon it and the blue sky as it’s background, a vast improvement from its current dull and grey environment!

A Greek Ministerial assistant has indicated that Greece may consider a loan back to Britain in the future if conditions seem safe in Britain!

A spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated the Prime Minster would defer to the opinion of the Trustees of the British Museum on the issue.

If you support the return of the Parthenon Sculptures please like and share this post and also support Lost My Marbles and sign the petition

This announcement has been brought to you by the Lefas Foundation The Acropolis Research Group and the Australian Parthenon Committee.

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